Main Outputs


Peer-reviewed Articles

  • 2021: “Persian Dream Writing (khāb-nāma): With Translations from Khābguzārī (12th or 13th century), and ʿAjā’ib al-Makhlūqāt wa Gharā’ib al-Mawjūdāt (12th century),” Licit Magic: GlobalLit Working Papers 2 <DOI:>.
  • 2021: (with Rebecca Ruth Gould) “The Temporality of Interlinear Translation: Kairos in the Persian Hölderlin,” Representations 155: 1-21. < DOI:>.
  • 2021: (with Rebecca Ruth Gould) “Ajnabi, or the Xenological Uncanny in Iranian Modernism,” New Literary History 52: 145-168.
  • 2021: (with Rebecca Ruth Gould) “Translation as Alienation: Sufi Hermeneutics and Literary Modernism in Bijan Elahi’s Translations,” Modernism/modernity, volume 5, cycle 4, Print Plus <DOI:>.
  • 2021: (with Rebecca Ruth Gould) “The Temporality of Desire in Ḥasan Dihlavī’s ʿIshqnāma,” Journal of Medieval Worlds 2 (3-4): 72-95 < DOI:>.
  • In Press (with Rebecca Ruth Gould): “The Translational Horizons of Iranian Modernism: Ahmad Shamlu’s Global Southern Literary Canon,” Twentieth Century Literature (accepted 8/2019).

Academic and public presentations

  • 2021: “Translation as Activism: A Conversation,” (with Rebecca Ruth Gould),” Hay Festival, United Kingdom (3 June 2021).
  • 2021: Guest Lecturer for “Translation and Activism in the Time of the Now,” European Cultures of Translation, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf (28th September-1 October 2021).
  • 2021: Guest Lecturer for “Language, Translation, and the Culture Industry (MA level),” Session for World Literatures Compared, Department of Modern Languages, University of Birmingham (11th February 2021).
  • 2020 :Guest Lecturer for “Contemporary Iranian Poetry in Translation: A Reading and Conversation with Kayvan Tahmasebian and Rebecca Ruth Gould,” Comparative Literature Department, Yale University (3rd November 2020).
  • 2020: Guest Lecturer for “How to Compare,” Comparative Literature Department, Yale University (3rd November 2020).
  • 2020: Guest Lecturer for “Translation as Activism: A Conversation,” Translation Lecture Series, Centre for Translation Studies, The American University in Cairo (Zoom Meeting) (27th October 2020).
  • 2019: Guest Lecturer for “Circulating an Untranslatable Text: The Mystery Letters in Medieval Persian Translations of the Qur’an,” Migration, Circulation and Translation: Pre-Modern Persian Literature in Motion, Wadham College, Oxford (25th October 2019).
  • 2019: Guest Lecturer for “Translating Bijan Elahi’s Modernist Classicism,” Translating Poetries: A symposium for translation practitioners, SOAS (12-13 September 2019; with Rebecca Ruth Gould).

Modules Taught

University of Birmingham (2020)
MA “Language, translation and the culture industry,” Session for World Literatures Compared